Individual, Couple, Family Counselling and Mediation in English and Hebrew

Individual, Couple, Family Counselling and Mediation in English and Hebrew

Individual, Couple, Family Counselling and Mediation in English and Hebrew Individual, Couple, Family Counselling and Mediation in English and Hebrew Individual, Couple, Family Counselling and Mediation in English and Hebrew

Nancy Friedman,M.S.W., R.S.W.

Are you someone who has challenges with anxiety and depression?   Do you have issues with self-esteem, stress management, or marital conflict?   Holding onto these problems can often interfere with your job, family relationships, and day-to-day life.    I am a Registered Social Worker. I offer  a range of individual, couple, and family counselling to help people out with any problems hindering their everyday lives. There is no issue too big or too small.    If you would like more information about counselling services please contact me today at 6477453913


Building/rebuilding bridges: From struggling to thriving

Providing consultations to facilitate win-win resolutions between parents, parents and their children including adult children, adult siblings, parents and child welfare agencies & work teams. Facilitating individuals, couples and families of all ages to refine and develop new coping strategies to manage challenges in their lives.

Areas of Challenges

• Addiction 

• Anger Management 

• Anxiety

 • Assertiveness

 • Attachment 

• Blended Families 

• Body Image 

• Burnout 

• Caregiving 

• Communication

 • Custody& Access 

• Depression 

• Divorce/Separation

 • Employment

 • Feeling  of Sexual Inadequacy

 • Family Violence

 • Immigration adjustment

 • Intergenerational Issues 

• Job Satisfaction

 • Life Transitions 

• Loss 

• Parent-Child Conflict

 • Post-Partum Depression

 • Relationship 

• Self Esteem

 • Stress

 • Suicide Ideation 

• Surviving Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse

 • Work Related Conflict

Areas of Specialization


Individuals of all ages are seeking counselling, feel they have a problem which interferes with their day-today lives, school, work and family relationships. They feel they are sinking deeper and deeper and their overall functioning deteriorates rapidly without being able to stop it. For those individuals, I offer Brief Solution Focused Counselling to assist them in identifying their goals, obstacles to achieve these goals and together we find ways to deal with these obstacles so they can successfully overcome them now and in the future, in order to achieve their goals and get their lives back on track.


Three kinds of families are seeking Couple or family Counselling. First are those who seek assistance of a professional to assist them in solving their problems regarding communication, trust, intimacy, etc. The second includes one of the members of the family who wants to end the relationship while the other(s) are hoping to maintain and improve the relationship. The third kind is a couple/family that would like to dissolve their relationship and do it in a manner that is relatively quick, amicable and cost efficient. I offer r guidance toward solutions to improve the quality of their relationships and help them develop tools to solve problems in the future.These families will also be provided with guidance to develop effective listening and communication techniques, mutual respect and understanding skills, effective and nurturing parenting techniques, to build healthier family relationships


I facilitate workshops to employers in the areas of Positive Psychology, Wellness,  Self-Care inspiring resiliency to reduce employees' sick leave, absenteeism and improve staff’s morale, job satisfaction, job retention, productivity and quality of services.

I provide clinical one-on-one and group clinical consultations to reduce the risk of burnout, cognitive bias and the impact of secondary trauma and inspire professional autonomy & resilience.

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